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MHTC Wireless DSL - Speed 768k

Price: $24.95

MHTC Wireless DSL - Speed 768K

Get the advantages of high speed DSL.

There are two huge advantages to high-speed DSL. One is that you can place and receive phone calls while you're online, no need for a second telephone line. The other is speed; DSL is faster than the fastest dialup modems. Unlike cable modems DSL is a private connection so you are not sharing your connection with your neighbors.

Why do I need more speed?

DSL speeds are a must-have for multimedia downloads like Web radio, video, and emails with large attachments such as family photos. You'll download in seconds all those applications that used to take upwards to an hour. And once you have DSL, your computer is always connected to the Internet. That allows it automatically to download updates in the wee hours of the morning when it's otherwise idle, rather than having your work interrupted during the day. No more putting off crucial updates to your software!

*This service is only offered in the Barneveld, Ridgeway, Hollandale, Rural Dodgeville and Mineral Point areas. Please call to verify availibity in your area. A site survey is required.

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