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MHTC Digital Cable Television & Music Channels

See what you're missing!
Bring up to 100 or more TV channels into your home.  Receive them in crystal clear digital quality and experience remarkable sound from your televisions & stereos. Digital Cable TV is now available in Blue Mounds, Dodgeville, and Mount Horeb. You receive up to three independent streams of video to multiple televisions simultaneously totally free of annoying snow, ghosts, or audio static. Mom, dad, and kids can watch their favorite shows in different rooms in digital quality at the very same time!

How does it work?
Digital Cable TV uses the same technology as a DSL high-speed Internet connection. A specialized gateway connects between your telephone line and your existing indoor cable wiring. Three separate streams of digital quality audio & video are delivered throughout your house for distribution to your televisions, stereos, and home entertainment systems.

What do I get?
There are three different Digital Cable TV Packages available. Whichever one you pick includes advanced features such as parental lockout controls, auto-tune, and more. Available options include great convenience features like On-Screen Caller ID. Keep watch for important calls right on the screen while you enjoy your favorite TV shows & movies. Ignore all the rest!

*12-month contract is required. (Please contact the business office at the numbers below with any questions.)

MHTC Basic Package. Only $37.70 per month!
All your favorite local channels up to 13 of them depending on where you live each coming to you in picture perfect digital video & sound.
Purchase now.


MHTC Enhanced Package. Only $109.75 per month!
Our most popular package adds 70 channels including your favorite local ones. And your stereo experience will never be the same, thanks to 45 channels of digital music including pop, country, jazz, fusion, classical, new wave, adult, oldies, easy listening, and everything in between, all in audiophile quality sound!
Purchase now.

How do I get started?
Just click here to begin! Or call MHTC at 1.608.437.5551 for service in Mount Horeb and Blue Mounds. In Dodgeville, call 1.608.930.9985. Or call toll free 1.866.437.6200.

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