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Digital Cable High Definition/DVR

High Definition TV

Get the most out of your HD TV!
Add High Definition to your Digital Cable TV Service.

If you have never seen HD TV before, get ready to be amazed. Experience your favorite showsbroadcast in HD with high-quality digital sound and pictures that are up to six times the resolutionof regular TV. It's TV like you've never experienced before!

More detail. More excitement. Instead of watching TV like you used to, experience sporting events and your favorite entertainment programs like you are actually there!

There is nothing for you to set up or install, our expert technicians will do it all for you. And we will continue to add new HD Channels to our lineup as they become available.

If you are ready for crystal clear images and theater-quality sound in your home, contact MHTC today to add HD TV to your Digital Cable TV service.

HD $4.95 (up to 3 TV's per charge) *

Purchase now.

*3 TV's per $4.95 charge. 
Prices are subject to change. Other restrictions may apply.

HD Requirements

Subscribe to Residential MHTC Digital Cable TV service, (12 month contract required).
High Definition Television set.
Obtain an HD Receiver from MHTC.
To receive a channel in HD customers must subscribe to the corresponding standard definition channel. (For example, HD Enhanced is only available to customers that receive the Enhanced channels as part of their regular programming package.)
Not available in all areas.

HD Channels

HD Channel list

Note: Not all TV shows are currently broadcast in HD. Broadcasters currently offer a majority of their primetime lineups and major sporting events in HD, but they are continuing to add even more HD programming on a regular basis.

DVR (Digital Video Recording)

  • Try our "WHOLE HOME" DVR. Record in one room, watch in another.*
  • Record up to 100 hours with just a touch of a button.
  • Pause, rewind and then fast forward live TV.
  • No equipment to buy - no tapes or DVD's to worry about.


* DVR service is NOT available in all areas.
* Whole Home DVR - up to three TV's

Purchase now.

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